Rope 8 Strands

Rope 8 Strands


Project description

 L8 Rope (8 Strands) is produced from PP, PE, masterbatch, UV. Product is used as Mooring rope, tail rope, main rope of net, trawl rope, sport, maritime transportation, industry and agriculture, etc.

Color: Light brown, black, white, light pink… or as ordered diversely by customers, highly durable colors preventing the product’s color from fading away.

Length: 70m, 100m, 120m, 150m, 180m, 200m, 220m, 230m, 250m, 270m, 280m, 300m, 320m, 350m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 650m, 700m, 750m, 800m, 900m, 1000m or as ordered by customers.

Selected characteristics: durable and highly adhesive, high anti-corrosion ability, high tensile strength (50% higher than other types of rope), light weight, float on water, high ultraviolet ray resistance, high temperature bearing capacity, no decaying, no oil penetration or dissolving in any chemical.