Electric Rubber Parts


Project description

We are equipped with state-of-the-art rubber vulcanizing presses (40 sets) and rubber injection machines (20 sets) to meet the various needs of customers for in a variety of market segments. Typical applications include passenger cars, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, machinery, air conditional units, etc. 

We offer global support and expertise to keep you running wherever you are. There are wide range of molded rubber products as below for your request:

Rubber Grommets

Anti-vibration Grommets

Wiring Harness Grommets

Manifold Grommets

Multiple-hole Grommets

Brake Pedal Pads

Air Intake Hoses

Air Induction Ducts

Rubber Bellows & Boots

CV Joint Boots

Steering Rack Boots

Molded Seals

Panel Grommets

Rubber Plugs

Rubber Diaphragms

Rubber Suction Cups

 Rubber Seals & Gaskets

Refrigeration Compressor Grommet

Rubber Bumpers 

Rubber Stoppers 

Rubber Bushings

Muffler Hangers

Engine & Strut Mounts

Control Cable Rubber Bellows

Shift Lever Boots